More formations please.

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More formations please. Empty More formations please.

Post  jason_aoe on Sun Apr 13, 2008 5:40 pm

Hello, first of all ,I would like to thank you for making this amazing mod I'm really lovin stuff that your working on. My suggestion is to make more formations commands like buttons and stuff like in this video ( ) start watching at 03:00.Thank you very much!


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More formations please. Empty Re: More formations please.

Post  ProvostGuard on Sun Apr 13, 2008 6:03 pm

Thanks. I'm glad you're interested. There are a lot of things that are impossible to change, but hopefully our formations will be an improvement over regular AoE. Watching that video, I can't believe they got rid of group-selecting units and real formations. It would've made my job easier.

Units don't break formation (they stand their ground). Formations affect their stats and ability to combat other units. Units stand close together, though I might change this (for reasons described later). However, I'm not sure the AI will be able to handle it properly.

There are several problems with implementing realism in AoE. First, the AoE engine sucks and cannot handle many units. So if units stand close together, they'll be slaughtered by a single artillery piece. Second, the AoE engine cannot simulate accuracy. That artillery unit will almost always hit its target, and the same applies for every other unit. Third, I cannot change the rate at which infantry reload their weapons without making the game feel awkward. So, under these circumstances, battles would last less that 20 seconds if units were given realistic amounts of HP. So I've taken the liberty of giving each unit tons of HP, which would, unfortunately, limit the effectiveness of formations.

And the more I mod AoE, the more dispirited I get. It's hard to make units look historically accurate because the existing models aren't accurate to any era other than Ensemble's imaginations. But I'll push forward.

Thanks again.

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